Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

I thought I might update my blog before I go home .. Today has been endless.. not that I had that much to do.. but I'm exhausted from doing what little I did have to do.. and just sitting hours upon hours.. My calories for the day so far are 440.. Yesterday .. I did good on calories and today the same.. I really don't have much of an appetite.. but I know I need to eat.. can't just starve.. that will only work against me.. I'm going by the pharmacy to pick up some Ketone strips... to keep a check on that.. and also some B12 tablets.. I figure they might help a little bit considering I'm not going to be on the shots for a while.. I hope that I can continue to lose .. so far so good.. at least I haven't put on any lbs.. My doc says I need to slowly add in some calories.. just to eat the right things.. and stay below 1200 to 1000.. Safe to say.. I will stay below 1000 til I know how being off the HCG is going to effect me.. talk to you later.. going to leave work in a few and go home and walk.. WML

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