Thursday, May 2, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

I know, I know I haven't been on here for a long time.. well what can I say.. its been busy ..
However that is no excuse .. since a lot of people make time to post on their blogs just fine..

Okay enough.. I know I need to start posting more..

Well today is MAY 2nd, 2013 and I will try and catch you up a little at a time.. but first.. I just want to say.. I am on my way to the docs shortly to get my first HCG shot.. Yes I should know better I get that.. HCG is not without its controversy.. Many people have had adverse reactions.. and yet just as many people have Not!.. and most of them claim to have lost several pounds using it.. Well I feel like I wanna try this.. I have a heart condition.. along with very high blood pressure.. and early diabetes.. I am already on medication for diabetes but have not yet needed insulin injections.. Thank God..

Anyway getting back to the HCG .. I had a patient that told me about it.. and said she lost a bunch of weight and although she had some reaction issues she felt it was well worth it.. I asked my doc and I was given the go ahead to try it.. under medical supervision of course.. and if anything happens I can stop it.. but when I asked about it I was told that since I relatively speaking have a very slow metabolism that this could be a great kick start to it.. and one of the side effects of kicking your metabolism is of course.. WEIGHT LOSS.. enough said.. so here I go .. my appointment is in 30 minutes.. and I am doing it.. it cost me 500 dollars but I have to admit it would be worth every penny if I could lose a pound a day.. which according to my doc is possible.. most people average .5 to 1 lb a day depending on their body makeup.  However I was warned that cheating on this will definitely make it a useless expenditure.. so for 26 days it will be rough .. but the first two days are the build up days.. so for today and tomorrow.. I can eat my regular meals and push my calories up .. because the actual diet instructions start on the 3rd here goes nothing..

Wish me well.. and just in case you don't already know this .. I am doing this for my grandkids.. because I want to be here for them.. I want to feel better.. I want to feel more like I use to and since I've gotten older and more settled I've really packed on the weight..  Of course I eat the wrong stuff too.. yes I said it and I will admit I most certainly can and will do better .. but mainly even when I try to cut back on my diet.. I cant seem to lose .. and just like many people if you don't see any real changes you give up .. and for far to long I've pretty much given up.. feeling as though I would just be a fat old woman.. well so here goes.. gotta run I will write more later.. C YA

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