Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a new year.. 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well its a new year.. 2013.. and happily I can say that there is a positive flow starting already.. December went great.. Things are starting to look up for us.. New job.. benefits..raises.. everything starting to come together nicely... November was rough although we both could see a light at the end of the tunnel .. it was hard on us.. but December was great.. with the first real ck rolling in and all that travel pay.. we knew christmas was going to be okay.. and then the second end of the year ck was likewise just as nice.. Overtime got us caught up nicely along with giving us some breathing room.. Now if things can just keep rolling up hill the New Year looks promising for the both of us.. I'm doing okay these days.. nice income with a Yahoo increase.. as well as nice prospects for new book deal.. Work is the same but that too, should start to increase as this is our big year and revenue should be rolling in..

Lets see my health.. really about the same .. got another bout of skin irritation.. it seems as I grow older my skin is irritated more and more.. havent really found too much that helps.. but for some reason a Zyrtec and Zantac combination works pretty good with the itch along with Triamcinolone cream.. Benadryl etc..

I seem to be doing better with blood pressure these days.. however I still have my headaches to deal with but even they come and go.. and here it is 2:30 am and I am awake.. no surprise there.. I don't get much sleep anymore..

I have to get our taxes done.. pay off bills . and definitely purchase a new NO surprise there.. lol

Kids are all fine .. Brooke had a baby girl Chandler and Brit has lil Jordy .. Chris doesn't have any special thing going on but I'm really pretty happy about that . I want him to find his way in life before he gets saddled with a family of his own.. He will be there soon enough.. I just hope he doesn't try to rush things along.. trying to keep up with his sisters.

Bran well I don't know what to say there.. I wish things were different.. but in my heart I pray that someday she will let me be apart of her life again..I use to hope that when she had one of her own she would understand that I know I made a mistake and that I must be regretting it everyday not to have her in my life.. and not to know her new lil family.. but . I can only hope that someday she will see it in her heart to try and forgive me..

2013.. who would have guessed I'd be sitting here missing my pappo .. wishing things had been different in my life.. but thankful for what I have .. and what I have to look forward to ..

I see the pain I've caused over the years.. and try everyday to somehow make peace within myself at what I've lost  .. somedays however it's harder than others.. like through the holidays.. when you miss what once was.. and you strain to remember those years and the memories have started to fade .. sometimes you feel very alone.. thinking of all the things that you should have done.. choices you should have made ..

okay.. I know I'm not the victim.. it was me that put me here.. and only I am to blame.. so I just take a step back each day .. pick myself up and keep moving forward.. however time may not heal everything in my case.. so just like my Blog title.. I'm "Taking One day at a Time"

The End for now.. I need to lay my head down if only for a couple of hours.. I just want to say one more thing.. to my family and my children.. I love you ..ALWAYS

Happy New Year..

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