Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Taking One Day At A Time

Well it is me again.  Let me try and catch you up.. this seems like it has been a long year and the holidays are almost on us..

I have been trying to find another literary agent to try and get my book going again.  I have a man in my life and we have been doing good for over a year now.. Janice his daughter is growing into a fine young woman.. she will turn 16 in December and will no doubt be asking for the keys to the car.  We are expecting a nice payout during tax season since he will get back quite a lot this year and I may actually get back money too for the first time in years..

Work has been tough but heh.. as the years progress I'm getting more use to it.. who said life is easy right?  James and I are looking forward to a better year next year and hopefully a more comfortable one.. we have struggled here lately.. gas costs have been tough.. we figured up our gas mileage on the car and we have only been getting about 14 mpg.  yuk right..

I think we may have a lawyer finally for the Subway lawsuit.. and we are hoping for a good outcome.. people should know what they are eating.. and how terrible this franchise is.. I think we have a good case.. afterall all we want is for the people of our community to know what the truth is about this franchise and their total disregard for the people in this community.. James said it best when he said he just wants to be heard and vindicated for all that he did to stand up to the compliance issues this franchise committed.  

I have a new grand baby Chandler Brooke.. which is my middle daughter's girl.. and she is only about a week now.. WOW the third little one in a year.. Charlie is over a  year now.. and so is Jordyn "she just turned a year" and now a new baby Chandler.. Chris says he is marrying Sarina .. Gabi's daughter and then they will raise Sarina's baby together.. her name is Tahani and she is about six months.. so wow.. that will be four babies..

I am going to be a busy NANA.. James wants to be called POP POP or POPPI... doesn't matter to him.. haha.. but I guess my NANA thing will have to be for all of them so neither me or them get confused..

I hope someday Brandi realizes that I love her so much and if I could go back and change things with her I would.. but I can't so .. I just have to pray that she gives me a chance someday to be a mom to her and Nana to Charlie.. I eat my heart out all the time that I can't be there for her .. afterall the other babies are going to know me and it isn't fair that Charlie may not get to know me .. I love my daughter and will always be here.. but I'm afraid to even reach out since I want her to know I respect her feelings and understand if she isn't ready to forgive me..  I pray that God somehow intervenes and heals her heart and makes it better between us someday..

I have Brandi .. Brooke .. Britnei .. Christopher.. and now Janice.. (Hollynne unfortunately lives with her mom and I feel less like her mother than the others) ..

I have Charlie,  Jordyn, Chandler and possibly in the future Tahani.. grand kids.. and I have James who has truly been there for me in every way possible.. even going so far to put up with my mood swings.. (Okay so my mood swings are just a nice way of saying "me being a real bitch sometimes" LOL) .. I would like to think that the good things .. still outweigh the bad..

I will write more later.. but all in all .. Life is Good right now for the both of us.. and I pray everyday that I will be alive to see my grand kids grow into beautiful adults and have kids of their own..

I am 53 now.. and when chandler is 20 I will be 73.. so I can only pray that I am still here and see her grow into whatever she wants to be in life..

LoVe You All.. Kim

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