Sunday, December 25, 2011

Well here I am again.. and here is my preemptive New Years Resolution

To get off my Nah really I hope to make a new start in 2012..

I hope to get started back writing again.. articles and yes.. on my don't worry next year .. I'm going to try to do more.. I promise

I have a new man in my life.. a teenager at home again.. and new grand babies.. and I hope to watch as they grow into toddlers..

I hope to lose weight ..haha.. well one can hope can't I ..

I hope get a little ahead again.. 2011 really started off bad for me, but this year I'm hoping to get back on track with things..

I want to start smiling again.. I have so many things I feel blessed to have.. and I hope that
things continue to get better and better for me in 2012..

It's 11:30pm now.. on Christmas Day and wow.. turning 51 sucks.. gotta say.. but I'm okay.. life has been good to me.. I've had ups and downs all my life and this year I have to say really tested my strength.. but now the year's ending on a high note..

My wish for everyone that reads this is that they find what their looking for in life..and that the new year holds only good things for each one of you.. Life is too short to ever give up dreaming..

I never have or will stop believing that dreams can come true.. after all ultimately we all hold our destiny in our own hands..

so have a merry christmas..and a happy ending of 2011.. because next year gives us all a new beginning to look forward to.. bye for now.. love kim

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