Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WOW, who would have thought I'd have a reason to SMILE

Taking One Day At A Time - Wow, I would have never thought that at 50 years of age, I would be starting a whole new chapter in my life, but here I am doing just that.. When I started my blog so many months ago, I was at an all time low in my life and fighting hard to hang on to a soured relationship and dreams of a happier life. However my intentions were simply to write about not only focusing and improving my life but all the challenges that I faced while attempting to change and mold my future .. After all, it has always been my belief that we all hold our future in our hands, most of which depends on the paths in life we choose to take.

As for the soured relationship.. well it had unfortunately been doomed for a long time and eventually he chose drugs and chronic depression over me.. It came as a complete shock to me but he had been abusing street drugs and it was his drug usage that brought to light a severe heart blockage.. A volatile confrontation with him ended our relationship of 7 years and eventually he developed many other health problems that would almost cost him not only his job but his life. We are still friends and talk, but we both have since moved on with our lives.

My writing has slowed but I intend on writing more very soon, both on my blog and with my articles.

I'm still working hard and have even been doing some private duty nursing on the side..but I'm still at the hospital full time.

My girlfriend moved in with me last year on Labor Day and I have to say its been quite a different life for me with many highs and lows.. However things have recently changed drastically..

After being single for almost a year and doing what I like to laughingly refer to as dating hell. I have met a great man. His name is James and he has two daughters.. one is 10 and lives with his ex and one that is 14 years, which he has full custody of. Both girls are great, but I have to say Janice the 14 year old seems to be more comfortable with me.. I know that it will take time for the 10 year old to come around since the dynamics are quite different. However I've been in this situation before and I have always loved kids. It will take time to get use to everything but eventually any issues just have a way of ironing themselves out.

I think the biggest thing is both girls want their daddy to be happy and feel that I am good for him. My older children haven't met him yet, but I know once they do they will see how much he genuinely cares for me.

James is quite different than any man I've ever been with in the past, which by all accounts with anyone that knows me is a very good thing.. He is a very loving and attentive man. I have to say, I've never been with anyone that tried so hard to make me happy. We have every intention of moving in together and his daughter Janice seems thrilled at the prospect of starting a new school and a whole new life with me and her daddy. I told James that I had almost given up on my dream of ever finding someone to love me for me and to have someone that I could share my life with but now I'm starting to believe dreams can come true to those that wait.. It may have taken me a half a century but I feel as though I've just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I hope everyone wishes me the best!!! and don't forget to watch for updates, I promise to write more soon..bye for now.. kim

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