Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting Taken to the Cleaners by Another Mr All So Wrong

It ceases to amaze me how many men there are on Internet dating websites that are real scam artists. Websites like "Plenty of Fish" or "POF" as its called are real thick with low lifes or men seeking to lure or con women for many different reasons and in my experience many of those men will lie or lure you making it seem as though they are actively seeking a relationship. My latest brush with a real scam artist was crushing to say the least. Not only did he use me in many ways but he was so emotionally inept that he admitted to being a complete fake after caught.
His profile tells just how despicable he really is because once he gets what he wants he moves on to the next victim in his sights, leaving a wide path of destruction behind him.

You probably are thinking well here comes another big lie about how this man is going to try to sell himself to the dating I'm just gonna tell you a very true story and i hope it's one you will enjoy reading because I'm about to put my heart and soul into it. My story begins 4 years ago. I was a very happily married man with 2 children that i came home to each night after a long day at work. Just like most married men i had everyday stress as well but I was very happy to say the least until one day when a chain of events started happening that would soon alter my life. I found out after 14 years of being married that my wife was having an affair on me and it crushed me in every possible way a man could get crushed and then to make matters worse my 14 year old beautiful son committed suicide in 2007. Since that time Ive pretty much lived life all to myself and now I truly believe I'm ready to bet on myself again in life and i truly believe Id make some lady a very lucky woman if she would find it in her heart to give me the chance too. I am a very romantic, caring, loving, sincere, honest and faithful man that wants much of the same qualities in a lady. I figure if a man can't be there for a woman to open her car door, if he can't be there to pull her chair out as she takes a seat, or keep his ringer set on high volume because she just may call him in the middle of the night crying and she needs to hear his voice..if a man cant do these little things in life for a woman then how will he ever be able to be there for her when it's crunch time and important life issues truly take form?A woman's age, height, WEIGHT, hair color, where she comes from or what she has done in her past does not bother me in the least. the person she is now does however concern me. Just like anyone on here I'm looking for true love ladies and i don't believe I can get it, you can get it either if anyone of is is dishonest about who we truly are are people so if you contact me all I truly ask is just be real with who you are and what you are all about. It may be true that I have never seen your face, Ive never touched you, I have never ever heard your cute little laugh inside my ear while were on the telephone but I do know that I have waited the past 4 years of my life to feed you soup while Ur in bed sick, I have waited to drive down the interstate while you sit beside me acting as my person G.P.S I have waited to to love you like you are the only woman that has ever or will ever hold meaning inside my world, when you cry it feels like my life is crumbling to pieces and when you smile it feels as if I could move mountains! I may never be the man in life that has the most money or drives the brand new truck around town or even the guy that is the most amazing lover in bed you have ever encountered in your life BUT i am the man who will take my bare hands and with nothing more than true love guiding my way I will build us the most amazing life you have ever seen with just my 2 bare hands..people say love is blind and id have to agree because you don't see love coming, you simply feel your way through it and i personally would never have it any other way at all. Albert Frost once wrote...I call you my window because before you there was no breath of fresh air for my life, there was no light shining upon my soul leading it to better, brighter, and happier days, there was only an empty, lifeless, shell of me in search of you...Ladies for any of you that truly understand that quote then you understand me...

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