Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Profile #2 Gentleman or Nightmare Coon Hunter

Profile # 2: Young at Heart Gentleman looking for that someone special. Kids are grown, live by lake, coon hunt regularly, likes to fish. Looking for a nice lady that wants to be treated like a queen.

After initially contacting me through emails on the Internet dating site, we traded numbers and lengthy phone conversations quickly led to a dinner date. He was a very nice gentleman and actually seemed interested in me, eventually coming to my own home for supper. However about a month into seeing me he asked me to go with him to his friends up state for a friendly coon hunt, we were also going to stop and go to the horse races. The horse racing went fine, conversation fine, coon hunt fine, but at the end of the two day excursion I was told that he just wasn't interested in someone like me.

Final outcome: After inquiring as to what he meant by he wasn't interested in someone like me. The gentleman who was eight years older than me and whose skin was weathered from years of working outside simply said, "I was looking more for a skinny and petite woman". "You're a great person and I find you attractive enough to date but not to be in a long term relationship with". After which he stated he was sorry and we could still be friends, needless to say I declined.

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