Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Profile #1

Making that first initial contact with someone online largely depends on which dating site you have joined. After all the majority of Internet dating sites offer several different contact options including preset ice breakers, known as winks or virtual gifts and email.

On most dating sites the contact options depend on what kind of member access you have, since many Internet dating sites offer free limited contact between singles in the hopes that you will see that your profile is getting noticed and will then pay to become a full member. Then by completing your membership you will have full access in which to contact any interested single that has been trying to contact you. A lot of free Internet dating sites have opened up as well over the years, which is handy for anyone wanting to just check out Internet dating especially if they are not ready to jump in with both feet yet.

I've been on several well known Internet dating sites through the years, including Match.com and Eharmony.com. However I have also tried some lesser known ones such as PlentyofFish.com and OkCupid.com.

While documenting my online dating interactions, I have decided to adhere to a two simple rules.

All interactions will be completely anomynous and no reference will be made to when any interaction transpired.

All documentations of interactions will be written randomly and not in any specific order.

All that being said, I will made an outline in which any interested readers can easily follow:

1. An adaptation of the original profile introduction will be made at the beginning of each interaction.

2. Each interaction will be documented as to how I was initially contacted and how it went. This contact documentation will only give a brief synopsis of each interaction as it played out, as well as the final outcome.

Profile # 1:

Comfortable and settled. Presently looking for a friend, lover and partner. Person needs to enjoy the
simple things in life. I'm a very simple man. Not into drugs, drama or bars. Definitely been there and done that and not interested in doing that again.

Contact was initially made over several emails being sent to me. Most of the emails begged me repeatedly to meet him somewhere for coffee, since we lived in the same rural area. I finally wrote back and asked him to tell me more about himself. He stated he was a business owner and had never had any kids of his own, but had some that were like his from a previous relationship. He said he wanted someone in his life and was looking for that one special person. Initially I had been highly skeptical of his intentions but overtime he seemed to have a certain charm. He contacted me often, calling and emailing me daily. However he was only interested in telling me about how busy he was whenever he was on the phone.

Final outcome resulted in me finding out that he was saying much the same to other women in the area. He had lied repeatedly on several occasions. He was on disability and he lived with his mother. Basically his so called comfortable lifestyle had been way overstated.

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