Sunday, October 10, 2010

Making your Internet Profile

Okay so one of the first things that anyone has to do when signing up to an Internet dating site is to make a personal profile page. However the majority of the Internet dating profile pages pretty much ask for the same type of personal information. The first question is always to develop a catchy sign on name, such as Lonely or Waitingpatiently and then comes all the typical statistic type questions such as age, location, sexual preference, etc. Then in the next portion you are asked to make a small paragraph describing all about yourself and what your looking for in someone. The funny thing is most people, including myself have a considerable amount of trouble trying to describe themselves in some kind of unique and interesting way that possibly appeals to whomever they are seeking. Its really rather funny to read these paragraphs because they usually fit into three different brackets. One type is those people who have no idea what to say and usually resort to some sort of short but dull wording such as, "Looking for someone for friendship or possibly more". In my opinion these people leave you guessing what kind of person they are and if its even worth your time to email them. Another type are those like myself who try to come up with a catchy line or two, describing a little more about themselves while hopefully remaining appealing to the majority of online singles out there such as "Looking for someone to have fun with, who is honest and wants more out of life then coming home to an empty house". They typically will follow that with some sort of comment about how they are not into playing games and want to take it slow but are definitely willing to take it to the next level with the right person. The final profile type is the one that I typically have the most problems with and that is those people that are seemingly writing their entire autobiographies or look as though they're copying their profiles from some sort of romantic novel. These people will usually write a huge manuscript looking profile describing almost everything about their lives, including their wants and desires. They will also usually include almost every descriptive "right" thing to say about themselves such as they are loving, honest, hardworking, sensitive, caring, funny, educated, etc. I really don't know about most people, but I have a hard time with this because if they're really that perfect then why are they not still with the person they use to be with. Better yet, why do they even need an Internet site to find someone when they seem so perfect. In my opinion they really should be wearing a halo, after all their profile makes them look like a saint. Another weird but true observation I've made is that these people usually resort to closing with some kind of clever or poetic wording such as "Life is too short not to keep looking for that one precious gem of a person that enriches your life more than gold". I have to admit sometimes these type of profiles just make me wanna puke, however don't get me wrong its not that I don't want someone that has all these qualities because I do. Its just that I find it extremely hard to totally believe all of their words as completely honest and true, after all I've had a few bad experiences with Internet dating in the past.

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