Friday, October 15, 2010

Looking for Mr Right and Understanding What Drives You to Continue the Search

There are several reasons why people search out Internet relationships.

For instance many people are merely looking for a way to stay connected with family and friends. Social sites for one have become extremely fashionable in the last few years. College students for example use sites such as Facebook and My Space to share everything from pictures to the latest viral videos with just about everyone they know.

However sites such as Facebook have become vastly popular these days with much more than just college students, many adults including seniors have now become well versed in the Internet social scene, staying connected to everyone from co-workers to army buddies.

Another reason why Internet relationships develop can be best described as the basic human need for contact. For instance many use the Internet to connect with others because their isolated or depressed and even online connections can alleviate their need for human interaction. In some cases it can even be someone with medical problems or mobility issues and the Internet provides them an avenue to stay connected with others such as family and support groups.

However the main reason most people search out Internet relationships is quite simple. Many singles including myself have found the Internet to be very helpful in connecting and weeding through other singles in the hopes of finding people much like themselves. In this day and age many singles such as myself have simply no time or desire to do the bar scene and the Internet offers us a way to safely interact with others in the hopes of finding someone in which a relationship can grow and develop. Internet dating sites such as and, as well as many others also allow singles a way to connect with other singles in their local area that otherwise they would probably never get a chance to meet.

The driving force however that makes people keep searching for that certain someone is quite frankly "Love". Think of it much like your looking for a beautiful angel fish in a sea of crappie, it may take a while to find it but once you do you'll know it.

As for me I'm not in any hurry and although I would very much like to meet that certain someone in which I could have a healthy relationship with, I'm going to tread cautiously. I know there has to be someone out there that would be perfect for me, I just have to find him.

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