Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catching Up on My Life as It Stands Now

"Taking One Day At A Time", what a statement that proves to be! Now here it is October 9th and I need to catch you guys up on my life as it stands now. Well first of all my relationship is over, as if you didn't already read that in my previous posting. Okay it all starts this way, my girlfriend of over 23 years came down to Kentucky to live with me, after all I'd recently just got out of my relationship and she after hearing about my breakup decided that it was a good time to split from her own bad situation and move down from Michigan.

Seems harmless enough, two girls both the same age and both with children long gone out of the home, living together with one dog and cat each. It may sound a little sad, but overall we both feel "especially me", that its a good move since it means neither of us will have to be alone.

The second part comes soon after my friend arrives and we travel to see my youngest daughter getting married. The wedding was simply perfect and a truly beautiful affair, both of us left the wedding feeling much like the circle of life for both of us had happened, since it was my pregnancy with her that had brought us together in the first place.

Anyway my friend had been chatting online to a local man since her arrival, which he interestingly enough seems to be perfect for her. After the wedding both of them quickly escalated their chatting and now make the cutest couple. Which of course makes me sick, since I unfortunately again feel disturbingly alone and on some kind of quest for another man in my life.

Which brings me to where I am now. Just tonight I've had a revelation of some kind, which began when I sat down and watched the 20/20 television show that I'd taped on the new release of the movie Catfish which strangely enough I can identify with.

Now I am sure your asking why? Well its because while watching 20/20 they asked viewers to try and figure out for themselves who is telling the big lie and who is using whom.

20/20 then shows the way "Catfish" the movie first began and then how it all played out in real life and how it was documented thoroughly on film by three young New York City filmmakers.

For one it starts out simply enough with one of the young men being taken with an 8 year old young girl's painting ability and then overtime being introduced into her life and through the Internet and emails being introduced to all the people in her life. I immediately put the show on pause and told my girlfriend that from my past experience on the Internet I would bet that the young girl ends up actually being the mother and her painting ability hadn't been well received so she has dreamed up a way to scam people that she is her young daughter. At that point in the show they were showing that the young man was being told that the young girl's paintings were being grabbed up by art dealers and sold for thousands of dollars, making him feel I'm sure overwhelmed by the amount of money the paintings he had received were possibly worth.

Anyway pushing forward into story, the young man gets quickly involved with supposedly the young girl's older sister, through emails, pictures and actual phone conversations. 20/20 goes on to reveal, just as in the movie that the young man has been deceived in every possible way by what would be the mother of young girl. A much different mother, housewife and struggling artist from Michigan, who not only had deceived him on the actually painter of the pictures but who had also deceived him about the young woman he had fell head over heels for, who was supposed to be the bigger sister.

The young man admits to 20/20 later in the show that he essentially found himself in this whole mess, because it possibly was the new path he had been looking for, or it had come just at the right time in his life. After all he had been looking for a new direction. He stated that in some instances he felt he should have in hind sight maybe seen things. I think his friend said it best, when he stated the reason his friend believed was because he wanted it so badly. After all when someone wants something so badly in their life they're willing to overlook all of the warning signs, much like wearing blinders.

So this brings me to my new found revelation or path for my blog. Basically I've decided to chronicle my experiences with Internet dating and the search for Mr. Right versus Mr. Wrong. Highlighting the Mr. Wrong from past experiences and the overwhelming deceit that exists on the Internet.

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