Friday, August 6, 2010

Well today is FRIDAY.. YIPPEE

Taking One Day At A Time

Okay so not much to tell you so far today but I'm at work and its pretty boring at the minute, no patients yet. Everyone should take note of Meagen's blog that I have posted on here and on my Facebook page.

I of course have about a million things to do this weekend, I hope to do some more work on my storage building and clean my dirty house. I also hope to move some things around in my home and clean up some of the clutter. Plus I was thinking I would meet mom sometime and drop off that computer for her.

I sure wish the kids would come by. I miss them, Brooke and Britnei both don't seem to have much time to come see their old mom, but heh they got lives too!

Anyway I will write more later, I guess I'm going to start writing my article about Demand Studios since I haven't heard anything from them. I really think people should know what they are getting themselves in for if they sign on doing freelancing with them. I know I am extremely unhappy with what they have tried to do to me, but I am a fighter and will continue as I always have. Plus I never said I was a fantastic writer but I know my writing is interesting and the majority of people seem to really enjoy my stories, humor, books and health articles.

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