Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well its the first week in August and Time refuses to stand still

Update time!
Okay I know anyone trying to keep up with my blog is probably very sad indeed, since it has been forever since I posted anything on it. So I guess I have a lot to catch you guys up on and I really don't know where to start.

First things first, for one Demand Media or Demand Studios, which I have been doing quite a bit of freelancing for. Has just waived me off of future articles with them, at least that is what I think considering they didn't seem to like that I asked for a review of a copy editors remarks to me and in my opinion that ruined my relationship with the company. I have been trying to get a hold of Mr. Rosenblatt who started the company to basically ask why someone who speaks up should be chastised for doing so, but I am still in limbo at this time. I will still make money on the articles already up, however I see it as being unfair and totally unprofessional by their company and lets just say I tend to say what I think. Enough said for now I'm sure I will revisit this issue at a later date.

Secondly I have decided to and get my all my manuscripts published. I have in the past managed to get one of my books noticed by Simon and Schuster and even a few others were interested so I'm going to try again after all I got positive reviews the first time about my nonfiction manuscript and my unique writing style.

My first book is title Shades of Gray and was a nonfiction book about my life surviving through years of abuse. I still have the completed manuscript and the original book proposal that won interest with Simon and Schuster back in 1995.

The title depicts how I have always felt about myself, after all some people live in color like red, black, yellow etc. However for most of my life I have been a shade of gray, a blah color that can very easily fade away into the background. I have however over the years conquered this obscurity. However the book stands as a remembrance of my past struggles with living through domestic violence and the mistakes that I made along the way finally ending where I am now. We will see how my quest for this pans out, but it is like I feel there is a chance. I feel like it is my time to not only get that book revisited but the other books I have on the shelf as well.

Lets see thirdly I would have to say is how far along my goals are now since it is already August. Well, I have really made headway on cleaning out my storage building and I really feel quite good at what I have done with all the stuff. It is truly amazing though finding out that you have been paying for a storage shed all this time and so far much to your surprise most of the stuff isn't even yours but your kids.

I still love freelancing for Associated Content they keep me hopping with Health and Wellness articles and I really couldn't be happier. Associated Content was recently bought by Yahoo and so I work interesting enough for Yahoo now. I love doing freelancing because it gives me an outlet in which to use my medical knowledge from everything from medical treatments to diseases. I also have done a lot of political and travel articles and some of my viewpoints have duly noticed by some very interesting people.

Articles recently range from the new judging format at American Idol, to how the "BP Oil Spill" is devastating the gulf. I urge everyone to read my articles and let me know what you think of them.

I just yesterday ran into a good friend at Sam's club, she was my high school best friend's mother and it was really great to see her. We stood and talked and she brought tears to my eyes about all the bad mistakes I had made back then and how unfortunately I have to still live with the consequences of my actions. We talked of her daughter who I grew up with and how she too can't go back and make changes in her life. We discussed my health and how now that I'm older I have to put everything behind me and push forward. It was so great to see her and it was really funny that we both knew each other right off the bat even after all these years. Weird huh.

So pay it forward might just have to be my new motto instead of take one day at a time. After all this could be my calling to pay it forward with my articles and a better perspective on the mistakes I made all those years ago.

We have a new young nurse where I work and she has two beautiful small children, both really great kids. She is very young and anxious about everything including the challenges of motherhood. Just this past week I told her that if I could do it over again, I would have been a better mother. I was selfish and pushed away so many things that I can't get back. She said maybe she will have to ask me how I would have changed things and do the things I wish I could go back and do if I had the chance. I said that would be great, after all I regret a lot. We were talking about the new school year starting and I told her to make sure she gets all that her daughter needs and wants if she possibly can because I remember just tossing in things in a hurry trying to make do with the least amount of stuff as possible. I also remember my girls complaining that they wanted something different because all the other kids had certain things and they wanted to be like the others. Looking back really it was more about me than them and I should have gotten what they wanted since it was just a few dollars more and meant so much to them. It is things like that I wish I could do over again. I'm getting way to mushy in my old age huh? But the sad thing is it is the truth, and things like that might have made a difference in a lot, you never know.

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