Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today is Wednesday August 11th, How Time Flys when your Having Fun

Okay its been a few days, so what is up with you guys! I'm okay still trying to work things out with Demand Media, but I have no idea if Mr. Rosenblatt is going to respond to the last few communications we have had. I really think that its unfair but I have too much else to do to worry about it right now.

Well lets see work is fine the medical field is my safe haven I guess, been doing it so long that I feel at peace when I am here. Articles are going fine, recently have a few publications to work on keeping me busy. I would like to get those CME courses finally written up for the nursing website, will make some great money doing that.

I have to get working on the publishing and new proposal for my book, I really want to get it out there. I heard a lot of publishers are making offers these days, I guess we will see if my new proposal makes headway or not. I did it once before can't be that hard to do it again.

I know how to get noticed just gotta apply myself and manage my time better, but don't we all. The new book might have to be titled differently, plus I need to get pushing on the illustrations for the other one. I wish I still had the editor I did back then to help me with the final draft.

Literary agents are going to be easier now then they were with the last book. Because I think I have a good proposal worked up. Gotta run for now see you guys later!

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