Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tomorrow is Friday, I Hope To get A Lot Done This Weekend

Okay lets see if I can catch you guys up. Today is Thursday the 18Th and unfortunately yesterday was supposed to the be day that I got to talk to the senior citizen center. Work held me up and I couldn't go, needless to say I was a little upset by fact that I couldn't get out of work for at least 30 minutes to talk about my upcoming hopes for the class. Work has been pretty busy these last few days, and unfortunately a few of a couple of my patients have died recently. I was sad to hear that they had passed away, lung cancer was one and another one's daughter called to say they had passed away and wouldn't be making their appointment, I'm not sure why they passed away. Even though I've been around a lot of patients over the years that have passed, it never gets any easier hearing someone died especially when you thought they were taken too soon.

I have plans to start spring cleaning and I know I'm not the best at it but it is lets just say a goal of mine to make a fresh start this year. I also taxes coming up and it isn't going to be easy this year coming up with the money, things have really been tight and if I had the money that people owe me I would be doing fine. I loaned people money and now I can't get it back when I need it. Can you say sucker?
I seem to be running pretty much on empty these days, little sleep and trying to eat less seems to be making me tired more but I just keep moving.

My doctor asked if I was still getting my exercise and I said I really hoped I could find the strength to get back into exercising as soon as the weather breaks. I know what your thinking, my health should be a priority but trust me its hard to stay motivated when you feel like nobody encourages you.

I wrote an article about the health care reform deem and pass scandal and I am hoping it gets rave reviews. CNN and MSNBC has it, along with Fox News .. we will see how the number post and what if anything happens with it.

I gotta run, but that pretty much catches you up on things. No big news is better I guess than bad news go look at my article guys you will like it and tell your friends.

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