Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Is Tax Day In the US, but I'm Not Happy About It

Actually I'm still up from Wednesday and I've got to get to bed soon. I just wanted to say I am still alive and well. It has just been busy for me I started doing articles for Demand Studios and hopefully in the near future I will be doing work for USA Today. I haven't done a class yet because it seems that the seniors may not be that interested in article writing. The receptionist at the senior citizen center said they didn't get it into the monthly newsletter and that it wouldn't really get in there until May, so we will have to wait on that I guess for now.

Work has been a mess, drama all the time. I really love nursing but there is always something and the other day I was sick so I left early, leaving the closing up of my office to another person. I haven't missed work in over 11 years or more. Not one day and I go home early and everything goes up in smoke.

I want very much to make some real money at this article writing, but sometimes I think the editors forget that most people in this world want to read articles with words that come from the heart and show feeling. I think editors forget that cold words thrown together to state facts and statements are boring and seem to talk at you. I may ramble sometimes, but I enojoy talking as though your here with me and I'm sharing my thoughts and feelings about things.

I've never aspired to be an English major however a writer that can spill their feelings out and touch your soul is something that pulls at my heartstrings. I want to make a person want to be a better person, see a silver lining or in some cases feel their heartbreak as though they were feeling the pain.

Gotta run for now but I will be back soon I promise give me some time and I will find a way to balance out everything in my life. Afterall the months are ticking by quite fast I might add, here it is already April and I have only 8 more months until a new year. GEEZ gotta get busy huh.

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