Friday, March 26, 2010

I Have No Excuses but it has been a BIG week

Taking One Day At A Time

Okay, I know I haven't been on here and there are several good reasons why. For one last weekend was the health care travesty, to which I watched day in and day out. Not to mention I called in to the Washington Journal Sunday morning to spill my views. I have written numerous articles some of which have gotten me emails from NYtimes and AP. I would like each and every person that looks at my blog to take time to read my articles, while it is true I totally disagree with the health care reform passing, there isn't much I can do but say my peace.
I know that health care is something that all Americans need and deserve from their country including myself however .. at what cost. Why can't it be a universal health plan such as Canada has or Germany for that matter, not to mention all the other countries that are scattered about.. America is the only one that will not provide for their people without making a dollar off of it. Yes, I am willing to pay into health care but I don't think throwing an added selection into the messed up health care that is already out there is going to work. Instead it will be chaos and complete overload on all systems, I do medical claims and I know how hard it is for people to pay premiums and then turn around and pay copays and deductibles, some of my patients have 5000 dollar deductibles which means unless they are having expensive tests and surgeries they always still have to pay the full amounts out of their pockets for health services. It would be better on them if they were cash.

I don't have health care and I pay cash for my medicines and health care and although it would be totally out of the question for me to need any expensive tests or surgery, I can see my doctor and get my medicine cheaper than any health insurance patient. This plan will also give the government the right to fine a person if they choose to stay in my situation. How can you tax or fine someone when they have no idea what they are doing to my present money situation. Right now I am trying to scrape together the money to pay my taxes.. Good luck on that. Oh well.. most of us are going to get a rude awakening the way this all is going.. and then people who didn't speak up and say something like I am trying to do will be crying about the government taking a real dump in this whole toilet bowl health care fiasco.

I said in one of my articles that like the good book says, they know not what they do. The said thing is by the time they wake up it will be too late and our economy will be in shambles. oops. we are all headed that way now another good push should be just enough to knock us over the edge.

See ya later.

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