Saturday, March 6, 2010

At What Price Do You Say Enough Is Enough

Taking One Day At A Time.
Okay, so its not like I haven't been through a million other scenarios like this before. I even wrote a book about my life and living through all the mistakes that I made, in which I try to explain to the reader my reasoning for the paths I took, no matter how truly bad they were. As well as my feelings and the torment for lack of a better word "I had nobody to blame but myself for".

Anyways so here I sit years later, trying to again forge a new path for myself. Yes, I have made a decent recovery from all those years of self degradation were by my own demise I made a plethora of horrid choices for which I have paid dearly for.

However now after coming so far, I still can't stand to be alone even though I am. No matter how I may choose to white wash it, the fact remains I am alone and I just am trying to not face the reality of it.

Anyways, on to a better choice of content it is Saturday and thank god it is the weekend, it seems like I can never get anything done these days what with my headaches being bad and work being busy.

The good thing is maybe all the renovations at work are finely done now and things will start getting back to normal. It has been busy and I don't see that slowing down it is spring and a lot of our patients have colds and sinus problems, which are to be expected.

I have to make some allowances fast to get my taxes paid. My mother called last night and laughingly made the comment I should buy a home, yeah like that is going to happen I can barely afford my bills these days with me being the only one paying for anything around here.

I must be teetering on depression because I haven't done my normal amount of article writing however it does keep me focused what little I do get down. I told the editor that she is going to have to give me more assignments to keep me busy. She laughed and said I was welcome to suggest medical titles if I could think of anymore that I haven't done. I think she thinks I do a lot as it is.

Okay so I think I'm going to go cook some lunch talk to you guys later. Bye for now.

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