Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I Have In Mind For The Seniors

Taking One Day At A Time

The senior center has six computers already, I should be able to donate a full computer if the class is a hit.

I have been attempting to draw up a "to do list" of information for the seniors to start off with.

1st - Give them a brief overview of how I got started and what freelancing articles has meant to me and what it can offer them.

a. extra income for those who are willing to put time and effort into it, even the performance payments will add extra income over time with of course them letting their families know where to find their articles.

b. the cognitive benefits of challenging their minds and talents with both freelancing articles and computer skills. Not to mention their talents can benefit others. This is a way they can pass on skills they have and stories, not to mention opinions they may have on different subjects.

2nd - I want the center to know that for example this is a challenging class that can help everyone the community to which they aid, as well as it gives me a way of applying my talents and benefits me by adding to my portfolio. As well as, I am doing a community service that could possibly extend to benefit other communities, which would additionally in turn give me article information that I can use.

3rd - I can additionally help the seniors with E How along with Blogging.

this should be a great opportunity for everyone and allow me to focus more on my ultimate goal this year, moving forward. Bye for now, talk to you guys later.

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