Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well today is Thursday the 25th, I know I Am Slacker

Taking One Day At A Time

I know I am a slacker in my blogging, however its not because I have forgotten you guys. I just have been having a lot of headaches and working a lot not to mention we are doing some redecorating at the office and it has been hectic. As well as, American Idol started this week and that had me all pumped up about the new season, which unfortunately so far is a big let down. I heard back from my inquiry about teaching and now I'm waiting for the woman over the computer room to call me back on doing some teaching. I can't wait, this will give me a good opportunity to do some good for the community while helping others with freelancing just as I have started doing. Seniors have so much to offer and this will help them as well with extra income and added benefit with cognitive functions.

I on the other hand can use this opportunity in my health and wellness articles and other information I can gain from teaching people in the community. Works all the way around from my standpoint. They have 6 computers now and I could even donate computers if they want more, we will see what happens but I will keep you posted.

Now as far as the office it is coming along, the renovations look awesome. Joe and me have been arguing a lot but I guess I've been a little hard to live with lately, so I will take part of the blame however only part.

I sent an email to Bill about his research work but haven't heard back from him. Was going to do a technology article about his research advancements.

Oh and the articles have been going fine however I haven't had as many to do lately but still pushing them out as I can find them to do.

Talk to you guys later I will try to stay more on top of my blogging I promise. Bye for now

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