Friday, February 19, 2010

Well Today Is The Day, I am making a proposal

Taking One Day At A Time
Well today is the day that I am going to make a proposal for doing some sort teaching of a senior online freelancing class. I think I have a good chance of getting it, that is if they have the funds available for computers. However I think they already have a few computers. We will see, I should know something soon and then I will let you guys know.

I'm presently at work and its really pretty boring today, they are refurbishing the office and putting in wood floors so the office is a complete mess. I bought a couch the other day and yesterday Joe went with his buddy to get it for me when I was at work. When I got home he was in a pissed off mood and throwing the legs around saying they didn't fit, needless to say I was upset with him since he didn't buy the couch and I did. So right now it is sitting on the floor without legs, cause I told him to just leave it alone.

I'm glad its Friday cause I of course have so much to do this weekend putting things in my house back together. I need to cook something too. I am thinking of cooking a small ham for sandwiches again.

Be back online later gotta run.

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