Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well It's Midweek and I've had One Terrible Migraine After Another

Lets see Monday turned out to be almost as cold as it was over the weekend, however by Tuesday it had started warming up. We had quite a few patients on Monday but overall the day went by pretty good, Tuesday however wasn't that good, I had a tremendous migraine and by the time I left work I thought I was going to die. I hate my headaches but no physician or nurse including myself can figure them out which is pretty difficult, it sucks not being able to get any help. I really can't get any relief and they are really unbearable these days. I take medicine, hell I take almost everything I can get a hold of and even narcotics don't help. My blood pressure is affected by the pain and even my blood pressure meds don't help reduce the pain severity. It's almost useless anymore, one neurologist from Vandy told me that really not any migraine medicines would give me the relief I need, since my blood pressure probably had something to do with my migraines. If I was to take a guess I would say I have some kind of vascular problem going on and when my blood pressure rises my vascular system can't handle it therefore I get a migraine. Oh well, today is Wednesday did pretty good the first part of the day, but after lunch I started having a migraine again. I really don't have any pre-emptive medications so it just got worse and I started the meltdown after taking an overload of meds again. So here I am finally just now feeling sleepy and finally feeling relieved enough to lay down and try to go to sleep. Dr. K wants to redecorate starting in about 2 weeks, I'm not looking forward to that since he has no idea that it will trigger more headaches than I think I can potentially handle. Any smells especially toxic smells are going to set me off. I just have to be brave enough to say I am out of here, which is not easy for me to say.

I think I am going to start making phonecalls about that teaching job I want to do, I've got to get the ball rolling if I want it to start in the spring.

Bye for now I'm going to lie down. Talk to you all later, if anyone reads this and has any ideas how I can cut my head off and yet still manage to live LET ME KNOW.

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