Monday, February 8, 2010

Today is Monday and Back to Work I Go

Well its time to go back to work, I'm still having my headaches bad so I'm sorry I haven't kept up on the blog but here is what I've done the past few days. Friday I worked of course, nothing to pressing a work typical lack luster stuff however it was Friday so I was looking forward to getting off and coming home to a pretty much easy weekend the forecast was for snow of course however it never got here. Today is another story they say between now and tomorrow morning we should get a couple inches. Not that big of deal but its not the snow that worries me it is if we get ice. Anyway Saturday we were supposed to go to Paducah but I begged off for a couple of reasons, one I didn't want to spend the money and two got too late in the day and I can't see at night as good, plus it was cold outside. Sunday stayed in cold outside got caught up on articles I got a few done this weekend, so I'm glad. That was pretty much it the agenda for today is Pepper is going to go get shots and meds, Joe has to give me money today and I will be coming home to a tunafish sandwich I suppose for dinner. Oh well, not much of a life huh.

Oh yea I cooked a bit for Joe's mom this weekend, I told her it was just a eclectic mix of food. Fish sticks, fries, grilled sausages and dirty rice along with bread. She came and between all the complaints of Joe and her I ended up throwing away good food. Yeah it wasn't the best but still could have been eaten more. They basically just didn't like it. I was a tad bit pissed lets just say and that played in I'm sure to my headaches, along with I didn't go out of my way to cook again for the entire weekend. I did manage to fix some bacon sandwiches yesterday but wasn't what I wanted either, I've been kinda sick at my stomach too.

Talk to you guys later bye for now

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