Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yeah American Idol Starts Tonight, Should Be Quite Interesting And Yet Sad

I have watched it every season and this season should be a real interesting and yet sad one to watch. Simon has always been my favorite and knowing he is leaving will crush me all through the competition. Not to mention I am going to miss Paula, I think Ellen can't possibly fill Paula's shoes and I'm thinking most of America feels the same way. The show had its 3 amigos Paula Randy and Simon and a really spot in history but when the other woman came aboard things changed and started to go straight down hill. I felt America enjoyed the occasional guest judge but not another full time judge to compete with with Paula and rub Simon the wrong way. Now Simon is no fool and I can't blame him, Ellen is the last straw the Network has dropped the ball and forgot the point of the whole show, which was to find new young American talent and give them a shot at having it all. Simon understands what works, and for the most part so do I. For example way back when NBC gave Leno the new time slot I wrote an Associated Content article on 5 Worst TV Show Premieres in Fall 2009 just look it up and I wrote what a mistake NBC was making putting him in that slot. How it was not the right time for people like myself who barely get dinner over with, dishes done and settle down in time to watch the evening news in peace yet they were trying to get me to watch LENO. Yes I had shows I watched through the week but they came and went they weren't an every night jaunt and even at that sometime I had to use my DVR to even watch those. Leno was something everybody had always counted on being there after the news for that final one two punch before they turned the TV off and hit the bed even if they didn't watch the whole show it was the last thing they saw each night. Now NBC had made a big goof up. Can anyone say KIM WAS RIGHT! Oh so many months ago, I wrote that back in Sept 09. Now the same goes for Simon and American Idol and Paul for that matter. What was Fox thinking. They should have given Paul what she wanted and kept her, Ellen is bad news for American Idol and I saw that coming long before Simon gave notice. Now with this being Simon's last year it is all she wrote for American Idol and our young American undiscovered talent. This will be the end of American Idol as everyone knows it. Like I said before I should be a critic or a network tester who tells them what works and what doesn't because if I know anything I know television and movies. What ever lack luster life that I have led over the years has given me a lot of time to watch television and movies and I know what is appealing to women and to families. When I was married and my children were younger some of my best memories were of us sitting around the television watching television shows as a family, same goes for my girls and me now we have some of our favorites still and we still get into them and comment about them.

For example now that I am older and my one daughter is older one of our favorites is Top Chef, we both watch it and comment about the competition and judge the food. We both love The Apprentice with Donald Trump and pretty much do the same with that show following every move. American Idol has always been one on both of our lists and although I am sure America will be tuning in this season to say goodbye to Simon and see what happens with Ellen and the crew it won't be the same and it will be just for the gotta watch factor because nobody wants to miss something and then be told at the water fountain did you see Idol last night. Anyway tonight is the night and its far to late for me to still be up I have been so busy with articles and I had a migraine when I got home so I laid down for a bit but now I really need to get to bed. See ya later.

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