Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday One Last Day Home

Well I have done over 9 articles this weekend, which is really pretty good but I'm not done yet. I cooked some chicken and I thought I might fix some deviled eggs later. I have been finishing my laundry up and taking a break here and there to watch some television. The funny thing is that I just watched a show on near death experiences and there was this one guy that really touched my heart. Weird cause I was just saying in my other article how scared of dying I was. Anyway he said after having a heart attack he had seen things like his friend run outside and vomit or his wife crying hysterically all while being clinically dead, but he stated he felt at peace and calm. He saw this tunnel and a light and after he shot through the tunnel he felt like he saw god and god had showed him a stream with his parents and then said he had to go back where he was thrust backwards and woke up after being shocked again by the paramedics. What got me about the story is that his eyes were filled with tears and he said he has told many people and some don't believe him however he still can't explain it and he still gets choked up when he remembers it but he is not afraid. He said he told 9 terminally ill people one year and felt like it might have helped them crossover, that was all she wrote for me I had to leave the room cause I got choked up and started tearing up. I'm still vastly afraid although I can't put into words what I am afraid of, I just am and the story really got to me because I want desperately to believe it. Oh well, I really have to get passed this topic because I just can't talk about this anymore.

Most of the articles I have written today have been on anemia and although I've been a nurse a long time there is only so much you can say about anemia and so many ways to say it. Luckily though I should be moving on soon to different subject matter. I would love to do articles on places to go, their services and the food. Basically I guess I'd love to be some kind of critic and not necessarily a food critic. I feel like there isn't anyone really doing good review pieces for the average person. You see all the time reviews on things for white collar America, but none for the working class that needs to save a buck. Its the working class that needs to know where to get the best deals, the best bargains and to have the best meal for their money. I have done a few like that and they are by far my favorite articles to do. I would really appreciate if anyone reading this would try to keep up with all my articles on Associated Content. I have only done a few for EHow but both links are on the left hand side of my blog page.

Look forward to any comments you may have. Talk to you soon. Have a great day and stay warm.

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