Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sorry I've been out of the Loop

Well I will catch you up to date, Thursday was pretty much a typical day however the local news had told everyone that a winter storm was rolling in around midnight that evening so after work pretty much everyone was scrambling to get what they needed done and get home. I went home and settled in hoping that we wouldn't have a repeat of Western KY's Winter Storm 09. I settled in for the night keeping watch on the weather forecasts and I had it pretty toasting in my home thinking in some weird way that if the power kicked off I could manage to get to a warm spot and bury in for the night. Pepper my little rat terrier and me went to bed around 1AM Fri. morning and still nothing had started to happen. I woke up at 6AM to nothing and was really quite pleased, got ready for work and buttoned down the homefront and left. The weather forecast had announced it was slow getting here but would be starting somewhere around noon. I went to work, which I only work up the street and hoped even though I am a nurse that most of my patients if not all would be cancelled out early. By noon, all but just a few had cancelled and it had just started to pelt a wintry storm mix outside. I watched the storm brewing outside and yet what few patients I had left still battled the weather to come in and be seen. After they left the day was drifting later and later and the snow was really whipping up outside but I did manage to leave work an hour early and make it home safely.

I remember coming in Friday to my warm home and being grateful that it was the weekend. However I still worried about the power because it was a wet wintry mix and the temperatures were dropping fast. The forecast was for the temperatures to dip into the teens all through the weekend and here it is Sunday and it has been a complete mess. The good news is however that Saturday morning brought daylight and a total of 7 inches or so of snow to my neighborhood, without the loss of power. I was extremely relieved that yes it had snowed but the power was okay and now I could relax a bit. My Saturday and Sunday has been filled with watching movies, cooking and eating some of my favorite recipes and doing some articles here and there. I did manage to sleep a lot this weekend the house was warm and everytime I turned around it seems like I was taking a nap with Pepper by my side. I'm sorry I haven't been on but in a way I guess I really needed to catch up on my sleep.

Talk to you guys later and make sure you visit my Associated Content page for my articles.

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