Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday and Where Do I Start

First of all I've had another headache today off an on most of the day, sometimes it does that I take medicine and it gets better and then when the med start to wear off it comes back as though it never wants to leave. I got up this morning about 6AM typical for me even on the weekends, the internal clock thing working I suppose. I started gradually on my articles working one here and one there while doing a little housework and I cooked a bit not much just some turnovers and some chicken which has been pretty much all I have had all day the only thing is I'm sure that turnover dessert wasn't in my diet. Pepper my dog felt a little bad so I gave him some medicine too he seems to feel much better now. Nobody called but I did call my mother, funny thing is I really enjoy talking to her in a way its like the relationship I never had but always wanted. The only thing is I would love to have a piece of her time but I know I'm the last one on the list. I have a younger sister and she has small kids so they are priority not to mention I live a good distance away from her but I do enjoy our talks.

Brit got a hold of me last night and threw a big fit stating that she has done stuff for me over the years and now all I want is my money back - I quickly told her that was not completely the issue for one I just wanted to hear she was okay and for another she had told me she was going to send some of the money in the mail and I was worried about it besides she couldn't expect that I would just give her all that money when things are tight for me right now. I have taxes coming up and it is mind blowing how much money the government takes from the working class like me. Sure it was easier when I had kids at home but now without any of them as dependents I have had to start paying in.

My mother made a statement that when did I get so involved in having money, I thought that was kind of funny considering I have never been that bad with money, sure I have had to struggle all my life and had gotten caught up in money situations before however they were really never because I was bad at money but rather that I had less then and kids to support. Now I still have people that borrow and drain me of money but I make more and I think some of it lies with I am older and I want to try and hold on to my money better than I used to - nobody enjoys living paycheck to paycheck but the way I was living at one time was by literally by the skin of my teeth. Now I want to try and build up a cushion in case of emergencies such as my taxes being due on April 15th.

Anyways I have done 8 articles already but I still have quite a few to go. One of the ones I am doing is for which is site that has commissioned me for an article, actually three in total. I will keep you informed of how it goes it is one more step up because it is article for hire job which is higher paying and not with Associated Content. These are the first ones I've done so I am going to just keep my fingers crossed that I will get more from other sites too.

I truly love this it takes me completely away from everything else and makes me feel important and needed in some way, like there are people out there that actually need to hear my advice on things, especially medical and that makes me feel more of a nurse than I've felt in a long time. I miss the hard core nursing from way back when I worked for a small hospital in my hometown. I had my hands in everything back then, that was before nursing changed to impersonal computerized write your name on a blackboard thing. Back then we were like angels to people, hands on, instructive, teaching, we took part in our patients lives and took pride in our work. Now hell now your lucky if you even see a nurse on the floor more than once a day and you don't know if the nurse is in your room or housekeeping not to mention the quality of care has gone down all the way around.

I wrote an article on health care reform a long time ago on Associated Content and I have to say Obama shouldn't be worried about insurance for patients, including me but instead should be concerned at how health care has gone completely down hill. Yeah we have newfangled surgery procedures, new medications and new forms of treatments available but what about the people that are doing them. Almost every doctor I know is over worked and not to mention they barely remember who they saw and what their name was not to mention what they were there for once they leave the room. The nurses are just there busting their butts for a dollar and they seem to be more interested in not getting their hands dirty than working up a sweat.

Okay so I'm venting and I will be the first to admit that its not true for all my fellow nurses or all the doctors either however it is fair to say that things have drastically changed over the years. I use to be able to give my opinion about things and a doctor would have to listen and take in to account my account of things now they barely look at the chart and I'm supposed to make judgement calls without being able to just ask a question. What am I a mind reader? Not to mention I can't order things to improve patient care because of money constraints or patients can just get their prescriptions filled vs getting some samples. All in all everything is different than it used to be. Ah well there is just to many things to mention and it is all dirt under the rug anyway one little old nurse can move mountains and I don't see Obama asking me my opinion.

In case any of you want to read my articles I wrote about Health Care Reform and my opinions here they are..have a good time reading them.

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