Sunday, January 24, 2010

Okay I'm Awake Already

Actually I've been up already for about an hour but thats okay I guess. Yesterday I cleaned the house some and did some shopping a bit and it wasn't that bad of weather actually got a little brisk in the evening but the day started out nice, so I was in pretty good spirits most of the day. Want to get a fairly early start today anyway have some more cleaning to do and want to get some things organized in the back room, need to do some bill paying too. Money, the root of all evil haha. Anyway I will have you know I did only 1 article yesterday although I have about four to do today sometime deadlines coming up, but most can wait until later. I have to go take my medicine I have a migraine coming on and although I took some meds earlier, evidently not enough. Danny C said I should buy one of those pill keepers so I didn't miss my meds, probably should just have some bad memories of those pill keepers and my grandmother. I know I have plenty of pills to fill them but I hate taking medicine even though I'm supposed to. Ha a nurse that hates medications, go figure.

Talked to this patient the other day, have to conversation and oh my goodness he was a staunch OBama supporter. I almost choked on every word. I was trying to be nice and listen and nod my head in agreement even though it took everything I had to do so. He was saying how he didn't care if he was black, a black president and all but he was trying to help Americans and he was the first president that had ever tried to do what the people needed for the people. I almost burst out in laughter but I refrained. I tried to beat around the bush and say that yes I do agree it takes time to make changes I hadn't seen any myself. As a matter of fact for some reason the government is taking out more money than ever out of my check as of the 1st of this year. That I personally was not that enthused with his lack of knowing what I needed. He quickly made it clear that oh no he was trying to correct all the wrong and people can't expect it to be quick cause things take time and that is why people are so against him but he walked into this mess and he was trying to bring Wall Street and the banks under control for us. He also said how he had a inside tip that everything come spring was going to start getting a lot better for people we just had to hold on. I again nodded and tried to listen and act like I agreed. Oh my goodness give me a break, did this idiot really believe all that shit. Obama is not the best president we ever had and hasn't done shit but fret over this health care thing which is his really only hope that I can see at trying to say he has done something others couldn't. But at what cost, mine and all the others that don't have the money for an extra payment to something that won't be something we can even use. I have written plenty on health care in my articles and I will tell you if I had to pay right now for a health care plan or be fined it would cost me about 100.00 a month and it would have such a high deductible that I would never see that met. I know I do insurance and I have checked on it already. Lets say I bought a plan that paid for medical services but with a 5000 or 7000 dollar deductible I could get it at 80-100 dollars per month. Not that bad in cost but in order for me to see any benefit I would have to be planning on major medical costs and even then I would have some kind of balance not to mention my deductible. Thus no savings there. Not to mention a doctor will cut his cost for me as a cash payment versus the average insurance carrier pays the regular cost and gets the discount if the doctor is in network, thereby the balance for the patient (what the patient pays after insurance is actually more than what I would as a cash patient). Okay so Obama which I did write him once is an idiot if he thinks I can't run the numbers and see something wrong with that picture. Besides I can't afford major medical and if I don't have health insurance the hospital would write off quite a bit if I was to say have a stroke or heart attack, etc for inability to afford it. Not to mention if I have no health insurance there is prescription help, and other benefits versus those that have insurance and just have a base copay they have to pay. Joe pays 45 per script for his meds because he has prescription plan, I pay on average 20 or less sometimes cause I have a good pharmacy who knows my situation. Lets see does that make sense. Dr K charges 20 - 30 office visits for people paying cash versus 160 for insurance pay - insurance discount and payment leaves the patient sometimes to owe 50 or in some cases more. Does that make sense. NOPE! Oh geez give me a break I wanted to tell that patient, he was living in a barn or something and evidently hadn't walked in my shoes or others that would never be helped if he keeps trying to fix things with a Band-aid. enough said!

talk to you guys later see ya.

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