Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Okay I Am Starting This Journey And Hoping To Make Some Changes Along The Way

Well the new year is finally here and like most other years I have no idea what is going to happen, but one can only hope that good things lie ahead. I have had so many hopes and dreams for what seems like a lifetime. The whole reason, I am starting this blog is to push me to make some changes this year in my life. The changes don't have to be life altering, but they should be changes in a positive way because I feel like I need to make my life better. I work approximately 45 hours a week and probably live the most boring existence ever. I have always been told how smart and talented I am and now its time for me to get off the stick and do something about making my dreams come true. I have finally realized that all these years I had been waiting for something to happen in my life and now I am tired of waiting, I have decided that if I want things to change for the better I will have to make it happen on my own. I have always loved writing and since September of this past year, I have been writing articles online for Associated Content. I have to say it has been a blessing and I have really enjoyed it tremendously. I have a relatively easy nursing position that allows me to do some of the articles or at least research for them while working. Then when I come home, I now have something to do with my off time and it actually provides me another avenue to use my nursing experience along with giving me a way to voice my opinions on different things. I must say, I have been extremely taken with the whole process and in a way it has led me to this point. Now I just have to keep doing the articles and pushing the envelope. Don't worry from here forward all of you are coming with me on my journey and my goal is to not only challenge myself to make some positive changes but to have some doors finally open for me.

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  1. Hi Kimberly,
    This is Garry from New Zealand and I am shortly going to start my own blog as well. I admire your starting your own blog.

    May I suggest that if you go to Young Grasshopper's facebook page you will see that several others are wishing to make some changes in their lives and are having good success.

    If you want you can post a message on the YG wall and you will receive a personal reply.
    And if you like that you may wnat to become a fan of Young Grasshopper and maybe purchase (cost=$NZ$20)a podcast to help you achieve your goal. (YG website address is on the facebook page.)

    If you scroll down the YG posts you will see my post of yesterday where I set out my goal and blog intention and Young Grasshopper gave me a wonderful reply which really encouraged me > I thought that was great especially as it came at no cost. We all need encouragement!

    If you want I'll send you the address for my upcoming faceboook page.

    Good luck!
    Garry Lawrence
    New Zealand


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