Friday, January 22, 2010

Interesting Prospects

I have been so astonished at all the positive emails and responses I have gotten on my blog, it makes a person feel so good to know that people are interested in your work and your goals. I want so much to make some positive steps in my life this year and I have always hoped that I could find something that I could do that would not only give me pleasure, but would hopefully help others while being able to use my talents to the fullest. I have never claimed to have mastered any one thing, however I do have a unyielding drive that pushes me to be somewhat a jack of all trades. I also have another prospect that I am going to look into this year and that is teaching again. I have done some teaching in the past of computer classes along with other different projects and I have this wonderful idea of mixing computer classes along with writing articles and freelancing. I thought that I might approach the local senior center and offer my ideas for teaching a senior computer course on freelance article writing. It will not only allow me to teach what I know, but it will also allow me to get some wonderful article material out of it at the same time. Older people have a lot more to offer than one might think, most of them eagerly share a huge amount of knowledge with most anyone that is willing to listen. The prospects are also good for getting other freelancing projects out of it.

So what do you think?

Gee, I am so glad that today is Friday and now its the weekend. Luckily I don't have the amount of articles that I had last Friday to work on all weekend, so hopefully I will actually be able to get some housework done and I have a couple of recipes I want to try. I also have hopes of finding a pretty good size check in the mail that I have been waiting for, but I won't get my hopes up to high on that. We only have a few patients today and then I think I'm going to leave early.

I was so tired last night I slept for about 7 hours straight, guess I needed that definitely not normal for me to get that much sleep. Anyway talk to you guys later and do keep sending me those nice emails and comments. I really cherish each one of them.

I have a couple of books and I hope someday to get noticed, if nothing else but my potential. I once described myself as "Gray" - as in my first book Shades of Gray. The reason is I wasn't a color like most people are. Most people are maybe a yellow color - all full of sunshine and happiness or a red person might be full of fire in their gut and be highly successful in their life. Contrary to that, I have always thought of myself as gray in color. A color that wasn't noticeable but instead blended into the scenery and could for the most part get overlooked quite easily. Well I have you know this year, my goal is to change that perspective of myself and hopefully change that color. Talk to you guys later and happy reading.

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