Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Know I Should Be Asleep

Okay here I sit and it is almost 2 AM in the morning, what am I thinking? I did fall off asleep for a bit, but I don't sleep much anymore. To be honest I hardly get any rest at all, but it has been that way for years. I put a load of clothes in the wash, ran the dishes in the dishwasher and now I am not only doing some computer backups but blogging, just call nuts for being up so late. Tomorrow is a pretty empty day on the schedule and other than a lot of paperwork, most of the day should go relatively easy. My little dog Pepper is over in the corner in his bed trying his best to keep his eyes shut. He is a rat terrier with a very outgoing personality and he is very smart. I know he is probably wishing I would turn off the lights and go back to bed so he could rest better. Oh well I was just thinking the same thing but before I go I wanted to put my Associated Content address on here so if anyone wanted to browse my articles they could. I'm very proud of them and they say a lot about me, especially if you read between the lines if you know what I mean. My daughter Brooke told me one time that when she reads them she laughs and I asked her what she meant. She then went on to state that when she read them she could here me talking and she enjoyed reading them. So here is the link and I hope you enjoy them too.

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