Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Know I Haven't Been Writing For A Couple of Days

Okay forgive me for not keeping up with my blog but I got overloaded between work and my articles that I had to finish. It's funny but my mother asked me why I was doing so many articles and stressing my self out needlessly. I have to agree yesterday it got to me but I got them all done, all of them and in time for the deadlines. I was proud of myself. In my defense I guess the reason why is that I want to make the money first and foremost because it will help me not regret expenditures I shouldn't have done, and secondly because well - it does make me feel good to be noticed. Yesterday I was contacted by Associated on some dispute issues on references listed at the bottom of my articles. Nothing major and all is well on that front however I was told that I was one of their top Medical contributors and it made me feel good cause I have worked harder on writing my articles than I have anything in years. I probably haven't enjoyed anything having to do with medicine as much in years either. My favorite jobs in the past were at a small hometown hospital and a pain clinic and gosh those jobs were so far back I hardly remember all the perks. Ha Ha! Anyway, as far as my home life I almost forget what day it is most of the time. I have been up this morning since 4 am, I just can't sleep. I eat more than I should and I still have got to start me a calendar, to do list or something on that order. I feel stressed but I don't, in a way its weird my blood pressure was up this morning when I woke up but I took my medicine and it is lowering now. I had my bath and I'm virtually ready for work already going to try and get a jump on the day now. This weekend I hope to be able to focus on my house and getting caught up. I have to send Brooklyn my recipe for hash brown casserole, its very easy but its her favorite. I also have a new recipe for brussels sprouts that I want to try this weekend. We will see, anyway gonna run sorry I don't have more to say but you forget how boring my life is. I have found time to watch American Idol though - just preliminaries now not much going on yet, but I really enjoyed the story of that big strapping country boy who was in jail for trying to rob a bank with a BB gun. Cute kid and nice voice should do good on TV if he keeps moving up and doesn't slip. Mercy is also one of my favorite shows. Great bunch of nurses, oh well be back later see ya!

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  1. Congratulations, dear Kimberly. Interesting blog.
    Please send me this article for a future issue of Conetmporary Horizon magazine, printed version.
    Daniel Dragomirescu, editor of CHM


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