Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Taking One Day At A Time

Well there is so much to say .. and yet it's almost 2 am in the morning .. Well let me try and get u a fast update on what you have missed..

1st off the first of the year didn't start off so good.. My landlord who shall remain nameless threw me a curve ball by coming to my home and saying that I had 30 days to vacate because she was selling the property.. and even though I was somewhat prepared to move out eventually.. lets just say I didn't have a lot of notice and it definitely wasn't the best way to start off 2014..

But to make a long story short .. within 30 days I had discarded a lot of clutter fully packed my home and made some life changing choices.. I would stay with a friend / store my belongings and hopefully wait things out.. (code for pray for a fast end to my work drama)  After all surely it wasn't going to take forever.. at least that was what I was hoping for.. and even if it did take a few months I felt like I could wait things out.. hmm well now I gotta skip forward a bit..

I get to my friends home and just start to settle in when I'm given the news that within very little time I will be once again homeless.. it seems my friend wants to up and move and therefore I had a choice stay and take over the lease or move out.. So fortunately for me it wasn't that difficult to move again.. this time ending up at my family home a good hour away from my work..  Horrible situation.. after all that would make for long days driving back and forth, as well as wear and tear on my vehicles.  I would also worry about my little dog and unfortunately at my age feel a little off kilter back in my hometown.. but I did it .. basically I had no choice because I was still working and had to lay my head down somewhere.. and lets just say other choices I had seemed to be too imposing..

so that catches you up from April til May ..but close to the end of May my life would take another drastic turn.. and I'd have to say it was for the best .. after all it had become unbearable at the office .. to put it bluntly the doctor had become ill with some dreaded blood disorder for lack of a better diagnosis .. and with his unfortunate illness came a spiraling chain torment that lead to a horrific end to my position at the office.. Now you have to understand the torment that I had gone through for years was bad enough but within just a few months.. things had become not only unbearable but frightening.. (oh yeah I forgot to mention that it seems I was the last to know about his condition and only when he was fixing to receive treatment and be out of the office was I given the details.. ).. Anyway.. as I previously stated everything had gone from bad to worse to frightening within just a few short months.. and I even reached out for help from such as .. the head of medical staff, hospital administrator and security.  In the end it seemed most people no matter at how troubling things were felt that I had very little choices .. legal or otherwise.. hmm choices.. I doubt if anyone could really understand my rock and hard place situation after all I had to work to pay my bills .. that being said it seemed I would have to confront someone eventually possibly the Doc which was even more frightening .... However one day I found myself listening to his wife tell me again for the millionth time that she understood things were difficult between me and him but I had to just deal with him continually striking out at me in every way shape and form.. She again stated that she was sorry but he had some kind of depressive disorder and on top of that was his obsessiveness about the illness and lack of sleep he was getting ... she was afraid things were going to get worse before they got better.. if that.. she said maybe if they didn't get better she could get him to retire.. I stated I wouldn't hold my breath on that .. but I was almost at my breaking point.. after all I was uncomfortable about things I was being asked to do and he's reign of torment against me was fixing to come to an end.. because if he did anything more I was going to stand up for myself.. I had to because it was a horrific working environment I was working in.. and I didn't know what else to do.. I even allowed her to listen to the audio of him threatening me with physical harm and told her that he had completely lost it and it was making me a nervous wreck.

She agreed and spouted some kind of acknowledgement of my situation and that maybe there could be some sort of compromise they could make  ..a way things could be worked out for everyone..

Needless to say that didn't happen.. and my job ended in late May .. I would say more but it really is pointless.. basically he was always horrible and it ended horrible.. but I can remember driving away crying and feeling as thou a heavy weight had been lifted off of me.  I also remember thinking I can hold my head up because I had no regrets .. I had tried for so long to do everything he had asked of me and at what cost .. my pride .. my integrity .. No I can honestly say everything I have done and forward was something I can be proud of.. standing up for myself was but one little piece of a bigger picture.  I had to remember this is a new beginning ..

Now here it is July 2014 and my life is starting over in a new place with new opportunities and hopefully new adventures.. I have hopefully a brighter future than I could ever hope for .. and as time passes it does get easier to put the past behind me .. However in the end I will still be proud of the things I have done including standing up for myself..

Today I am starting a new regimen of the HCG .. I got it for next to nothing compared to Murray .. When I weighed in .. I had kept 18 lbs off since the last diet so my hopes are to drop another 20 and keep them off as well...WML 500 calories here I come ..    

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