Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well lets see where I need to start to catch everyone up..

First of all I just hope the people I love know that I couldn't do all that I need to do without knowing that I am loved.. Life isn't easy for most of us in this world but when times arise that get you get overly bombarded with trials and tribulations its good to know people are there for you..

I'm still dieting .. but still at my plateau of 20 lbs down.. It has been relatively easy to stay there however.. I don't eat much these days anyway.. money is better spent elsewhere if you know what I mean.. so I really only eat lunch these days.. Not to mention I haven't had much of an appetite too much stress and too many things to do ..

My lease runs out end of November.. and I don't want to sign another year lease again with everything so up in the air these days.. so the big move is eminent .. but so much I still have to do .. I'm going to put most of my belongings in a storage shed I guess and pretty much live out of my car for now.. My girlfriend said I could stay with her but I really can't say what my plans are just yet.. who knows.. I'm still riding the wave and just taking one day at a time..

Britnei invited me down for thanksgiving but really don't know what will be going on then.. or for that matter right now making those kind of plans are completely useless.. it is better for me just to stay put and ride the wave .. All in good time (at least I've heard people say) .. I just hope it is soon..

After all I'm sooo exhausted these days.. it is like my brain is trying to make sense of everything as it unfolds.. and it's truly exhausting to say the least.. I found a cute pic the other day that says I would be sleeping if my brain would let me and that is pretty much me every night..

Anyway don't worry about me .. I'm good and God knows I'm here so I think I have a few guardian angels watching over me .. write more later.. WML

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