Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

I know it has been a long time since I have written anything but if you had my life.. you wouldn't write everyday either.. LOL.. Anyway.. just to inform you.. On October 1st I revisited my doc and I am 21 lbs down since my VLCD started.. and that is without me being on a strict regimen everyday.. most days I only hover around 1200 calories or less.. but some days it has been a lot less.. just comes and goes.. but I'm still maintaining my weight loss.. good for me huh...

The only thing is now I could potentially go back on the injections and I tried to get a cut rate from my doc since my money situation from the last time has significantly took a downward turn.. and she wouldn't let me get by with anything less than 300.00 WOW.. you'd think since we know each other the way we do that she would cut me a break considering she knows that I am under a lot of stress at the present time.. but no.. she won't and it is sad to say but I don't have the 300.00 dollars to spare.. I was hoping that I could just buy the medicine and since I already know the ends and outs she would let me do a second round.. but heck no.. bummer huh..

Anyway.. I will have to wait I guess til money starts falling from the sky.. LOL

So anyway.. stress for me will never cease and even though I still am basically playing a waiting game .. I have been packing up the house.. trying to downsize and get ready for the big move.. I really feel like it wont be long until I am homeless.. but all my belongings are going into a storage shed.. so they will be safe..

my lease runs out in NOV.. wow.. time is flying by and I have to make some big decisions.. as to where and what I am doing.. I'm going to try and force my hand to stay on without a solid lease .. into everything breaks.. but who knows what my landlord will do..

Anyway.. I'm still remembering to breathe.. and just take one day at a time.. I feel better though knowing that I have options.. just want things to progress a little quicker.. so that this all comes to an end.. and I can make a better informed decision on the next steps I need to take ..

I'm so exhausted with waiting, trying to maintain my sanity and trying to stay focused.. I just want everything to be okay in the end .. so I can get on with my life..

Obamacare is a joke by the way.. I'm not signing up .. I'm just going to wait it out.. like I have the money for that.. and if I did have 300 extra dollars .. everyone who reads my blog knows what I would be doing with it.. lol..

I will ultimately find a way to get back on the injections.. trust me.. after all my goal is to continue losing another 20 if I can.. so wish me luck people...

bye for now.. kim

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