Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Yes Yes .. I know I haven't been writing but if you were me and so far off your game with this Vertigo ie. Dizziness thing.. you wouldn't have been doing too much writing either..

I'm still bouncing back in forth between 19.5 lbs and 20 lbs down.. so I'm presently at a stand still or plateau.. but that's okay..

Furthermore I've been going home and working on getting some of my things in order.. which I must say at least I'm putting some effort into getting my life back .. RIGHT?  Anyone that knows how I am, knows that I'm definitely a multi-tasker.. not to mention DRIVEN beyond belief at times..

Anyway nothing more really to comment about .. So for now I'm just trying to get as much rest as possible .. and yet keep my mind busy at the same time.. the less stress the better ..

I've been watching a lot of dramas lately.. and I realized while watching this one movie that no matter how frightened you are .. once the cards have been dealt and the stakes are at an all time high .. a person will most likely make the decision to do the right thing.. "and I won't use the words they used" but basically you your past of the point of weighing your options and you just look up and realize to go all in.. after all WT* ..

I will try and write more later.. WML  

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