Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Its Wednesday .. and its going to be another bad day, I can feel it .. This persistent headache is getting me down.. when I went to bed last night it was still there and this morning I had to lay back down for an hour before I came getting ready for work in order to let my medication try and make it subside ..

I feel a little better now and luckily I have only one patient today.. Thank Goodness!!!

Anyway.. today I woke up and I was at 14.8 lbs down.. but I'm constipated.. so that is probably it.. as well as I didn't get to walk yesterday - I have to walk even if it's by myself... I'm not really that concerned because it hasn't been because of diet.. I've been sticking to under 1000 calories fine..

My goal now is to try and get back to 16lbs down by Friday.. and then be able to stay there through the weekend.. I may be going to see little Chandler this weekend which would be awesome.. I haven't seen her in sooooooo long.. I have to admit I feel like she won't even know me because I don't get to see her the way I do JORDY.. which makes me sad.. However if I do go it will be easy to focus on her and less on the scale.. which for all extensive purposes might be a good thing.. I think I watch the scale a little too much!

Yesterday all I ate was a couple slices of pizza and bowl of cereal with a banana.. I have been averaging around 700 calories a day.. 

Write more later ... WML

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