Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Interesting enough.. today I am still 19 lbs down.. but yesterday I didn't even eat as much as I did the day before.. sometimes this calorie counting, carb thing is hard to predict.. Anyway I didn't do a lick of nothing last night just watched TV.. so I really need to clean today.. at least make an effort to start.. I think I need to have a yard sale..

I don't know what today holds.. or next week for that matter.. I'm actually trying not to think about it.. I get phone calls from everyone.. advice from everyone.. and yet in the end I guess I just need to do whatever makes me happy..

Who would have thought I'd be 53 this year and debating life, love and happiness all over again.. but isn't that what most people struggle with.. hmm... Really there is not that much to debate over I just wanna find my peace in life.. kind of like Rip Van Winkle .. settling under an oak tree to watch a game of nine pins in the Catskills and sleeping for a 100 some odd years..  Not that I'm sure on that story .. but I know there was some liquor involved too..  LOL

Most people including myself.. think I must have the worst luck ever .. however yesterday someone described me as a person playing a stalemate game of chess who continues to pick up my chess piece ( hence the KING ) trying to move it from being in check..  Good analogy .. 

Will write more later.. WML.. CHECKMATE!!!

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