Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is Tues.. Day 4 of my actual diet phase and I just weighed in I weighed 4.2 lbs down from my start weight.. wow.. I am shocked.. I am speechless ( no that isn't correct I actually want to shout it from the roof of the CFSB center)  LOL.. I know it doesn't seem like much but for just four days it is terrific..

I feel great.. I couldn't feel any better.. I can even tell that I'm losing because even with just this little bit of weight off I can breathe and move better.. sounds weird but it is true..

I have my official weigh in on Friday at the doctor's.. so that will confirm on my actual weight loss in one week.. however that is a few more days from now and my goal is to be 7 lbs down at least..if not more..

I'm sooo happy so WML .. I will talk to you later.. I am on my way out to drop Janice at school and pickup some unsweetened tea.. and head to work.. but the docs still out of town sooo YIPPEE.. I have to work some today but no stress which is great.. he comes back Thursday and I am so glad that I got this good start to my diet before he gets back..

C YA later .. :)

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