Monday, May 20, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is the beginning of Day 17 of the VLCD phase and after 16 days of dieting I have lost a grand total of 13 lbs.. KER-Ching! YES!!!.. Now I will grant you that was the total of weight loss according to "my" scale and before I put any ounce of liquid in my mouth this morning .. but it was definitely what I was aiming for today.. Anyway my stomach was a little bloated but I have been popping Gas X for that.. probably the asparagus who knows but overall I'm happy with that.. Yuk on an unhappy note I have to get ready for work.. and I didn't sleep all that great.. was up and down since 4 am but I took a bath and I'm good.. now I need to take my meds and I grab any morsels I'm going to take to work.. I bought some diet Snapple yesterday.. and of course I have some Mio .. skim cheese .. broccoli .. but I gotta admit its working.. Talk to everyone later and thanks for all the encouragement.. WML

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