Friday, May 3, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is day 2 on HCG.. I weighed this morning as instructed and even though I am on my last load day I weighed the same as in the beginning..

HMM you don't know what my starting weight you?? Okay so I am ashamed of it ..afterall I have never been this weight.. but let's just say it is over 100 lbs what I was when I was in my 20's..

and realisticly speaking I never expect to lose all 100 lbs.. afterall I am 52 and postmenopausal.. but it would be life changing for me to drop 50 lbs.. but the more I lose the better..

anyway it is late on my second night and just for kicks I weighed again.. even with the extra fluid and meals I have only gone up 2 lbs today and so my projection will be tomorrow morning to way the same as my first day.. weigh in..

tomorrow however is the big day... day one of the diet.. 500 calories is extremely low but I can do this.. and I have to .. I dont like the way the weight makes me feel.. I hate the fact that my health has declined the way it has.. and to put it simply ... I am doing this for me.. so WML.. and I will keep you posted... okay

Oh yeah just so you know.. ..I will eventually tell my starting weight LOL.. just give me time!

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