Monday, May 27, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well the question is not what I've done today .. but what I've not done today.. I took a long walk around two blocks.. cleaned my living room from top to bottom .. moved furniture and dusted.. I've cleaned out boxes.. cabinets.. and closets.. I've done laundry ..dishes..etc etc.. Basically I've been keeping busy ever since I got up.. and I just took a break to eat a late lunch of 200 calories ..

Right now I'm doing my hair .. then a quick shower.. then I intend on cooking a nice meal for James  .. sweeping off the back porch.. finally settling in for a nice quiet night with my sweetheart.. He is off tomorrow.. but unfortunately it will be back to work for me tomorrow .. YUK.. James said he would go for another long walk with me when he gets home tonight.. I'm glad cause I really hate walking by myself..

Talk to you later.. WML

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