Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well here I sit .. and I'm exhausted.. can't wait til I get off work.. I just wanna go home and lay down and watch TV.. calories so far have been 415 which is probably close to all I am going to get for the day.. I really just want to go to bed early .. It was the doctor's first day back.. and I guess I'm exhausted from actually having to work.. LOL

Anyway.. Tomorrow is the big weigh-in at my doctor office.. I can't wait.. gotta say I'm kinda excited to see everyones reaction..  I know a lot of nurses there and most of them told me that I was going to be shocked.. and they were right.. " I AM SHOCKED " .. what a great way to lose weight without surgery..
I just can't believe that everyone isn't doing this diet..

After I've finished my first round .. I hope to be able to encourage others to do this.. especially people like me who really have always wanted to be the old me and have a significant amount of weight to lose..   Not to mention .. I will probably do another round after my six week recover phase..  since I hope to lose more.. but we will see.. about my money situation..

I figured it up thou.. think about it.. compared to other diet plans like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem.. this one isn't any more expensive.. and who would have figured you would drop a pound a day .. Wow..

I will write more later..  WML

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