Saturday, May 4, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well I got thru day #2 fine.. of course that was still a load day  and now I've started day #3..first true 500 diet day.. no problems so far.. really wasn't even hungry for lunch.. but my doctor said I have to eat lunch and dinner .. so I did a 3.5 oz steak medium.. 1 cup chopped celery and tomato.. plus I ate small apple too.. that seems more than plenty I have to admit  and it was fine..

by the way I weighed this morning and I was right last night I was right where I started .. so today will make more of a difference in things..

I took my injection at 7:30 cause I woke up early and used the bathroom fixed a sip of water and laid back down.. I have noticed the injections make me feel fine with abundant energy.. I wake up with more pep.. and other than a little headache which is normal for me anyways.. I haven't noticed any side effects...and even at that the headache level was only around a 4 on scale of 1-10.. took some OTC meds and that went away.. I always try to save my migraine med for more significant level of pain..

I've been taking my BP medication on time considering I didn't know how this diet would effect my hypertensive issues.. but so far so good... I can tell it is going fine for now since I will have a full blown migraine if my BP goes up..

The only problem so far seems to be the drink.. I'm not too sure I enjoyed the unsweetened tea LOL.. the stevia wasn't too great but I tried it and then opted for a little lemon to cut the artificial taste.. the weaker the tea the better.. so I ended up with a watered down version of lemon unsweetened tea water.. LOL now just got to down 8 glasses of it.. lol

I'm thinking lemon water with a dab of stevia may work better in a pinch
And low and behold its hard to tell if I am having any irritability issues since I stay pissed off most of the time anyway.. LOL.. but I'm trying to decipher if I'm grouchy more than normal.. too funny.. On any given day I'm like an F3 cyclone so I guess if I turn in to more of an F5 .. I may have to admit it has made me more irritable than normal.. LOL..

I basically just hope everyone understands it is best to stay out of my line of fire.. just in case ..

That is one of the reasons I wanted to jump straight into the diet .. the Dr is away at the present time and it makes things easier to get use to before he gets back.. Luckily he wont be back til the 9th and by then I should be well on my way.. not to mention I should know more about what kind of drink and food combination works the best.

I went to the store the other day and I'm now seeing I possibly bought the best combination for me .. Like I said the drinking thing is what I am struggling with the most.. I'm not a big drinker anyway.. most days until now I am lucky to drink 2 glasses during the day and maybe just one at night..

My doctor said to keep a diary of what I was doing and I can't think of a better diary than this blog can you.. gotta run.. POGO is beckoning me .. LOL

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