Thursday, May 30, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Today is Day 27 .. Day 2 after my last HCG dosage.. and I still feel fine.. I haven't to be honest had that much of an appetite.. which I admit is making me kind of nauseated.. but I think I'm just nervous about gaining anything back.. LOL.. I did fine yesterday but ended the day with approximately 640 in calories.. I weighed this morning and I am still at 15 lbs and I'm happy about that!..  I just got to work and I think it is going to storm today because when I walked Pepper you could just feel it in the air.. I wish we had a TV in our office.. because it is hard to hear any weather warnings in the office...  I know I can eat more now in calories.. but I am going to try and keep it kinda VLC for a while.. and I'm definitely not going to go over 1000 calories.. I will write more later.. WML

Have an Awesome Day !!!

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