Monday, May 13, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Talked to the office about my slowing weight loss  and they said along with the extended caloric intact I could have some slowing but it was okay just stay focused and as long as it continues to drop it will be okay.. I could also do an apple day .. which means that I eat apples all day.. max 6 large.. and drink plenty of fluids coffee would be good to keep me charged.. and that should put me back on track.. but they said as long as my average weight loss is one pound a day I am fine..

I am finishing up work and my calories for the day so far are 420 and that was protein bar, grilled chicken and salad.... I don't really plan on eating much at home and I also plan on trying the walk again.. just not as far..

I feel pretty good.. I was feeling a little weak but after the salad.. I feel better. I will write more later.. WML

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