Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Taking One Day At A Time 12-12-12

Tonight I watched Parenthood and I have followed this show off and on since it started.. I have to say this show is amazing.. an amazing family with struggles, issues and problems much like many people that I know (ie. my family).. well at least if you squint a little! LOL.. Anyway.. You know how sometimes when  you watch a movie or a tv show and you just really involve yourself in the story line so much so that you can feel the emotion stir from within you.. well that is the way this episode was.. Christina who was diagnosed with cancer and has undergone chemo and surgery suddenly got ill with an infection.. (her white cells affected by the chemo, basically couldn't fight infection off and she got so sick that she was septic) The doctor had explained to Adam that it was touch and go because she was really sick and hopefully they had caught it in time but there was no way of knowing for sure if she was going to be able to fight the infection only time would tell )  Anyway Christina had made a video for her kids just in case something happened and she didn't make it and wasn't there for them.. so while Adam was waiting for her to wake up he watched it on their notebook PC .. it was sooo touching.. and much like Im sure that I would do if I was faced with the same possibilities.. Actually sometimes I do think about leaving something for my own children in case something happens to me.. Afterall I do have mitral valve prolapse and have been told that as I grow older my heart which works overtime will gradually cause congestive heart failure.. as well as I have diabetes.   Anyway .. the show made me think .. about dying and what if any time I would have to say my goodbyes to my kids..  Yep I was crying while watching the show .. so hint hint that is what made me think of what I would want to say to all of them... 

Christopher my son..and Brooklyn,  Britnei and Bran.. my girls all of who have grown up to be amazing women in their own right.. with their own little girls to raise .. Lil Jordy, Chandler and Charlie.. Lets just say it would be hard for me to let go if they didn't get there in time.. I can only hope that I will indeed have time to say goodbye to them.. after all three of them live at least three hours away.. with the oldest living only an hour from me..  

I will be back.. phone is ringing.. watch for more!!!

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