Thursday, October 14, 2010

Safety on the Internet, Being Vague or Deceiving Others

The movie "Catfish" brings to light the flagrant disregard that some people have on the Internet and how they can easily deceive most anyone. After all for everyone that is desperately searching for companionship, there is just as many people out there looking for an easy mark. Fortunately not everyone goes to the extreme as to totally make up a fictitious identity, but there are an enormous amount of lies thrown about daily on everything from social networks to dating sites.

When someone recently asked me if I thought that an occasional white lie "so to speak" was wrong on the Internet. I thought about that terminology "White Lie", which are lies said to be essentially harmless in nature. Supposedly a "White Lie" is also a lie which one can tell that can at times be for the greater good, such as possibly when a boss asks if a co-worker was late for work and even though you knew they were late by "five minutes" you respond "No" so that they don't get into any trouble.

After having weighed both sides of the "White Lie" issue, I responded that years earlier after having only been out of school for a short time I had told a seemingly innocent white lie. The lie was told to a gentleman at bar out of town while out with some friends, however just a few days later a dozen roses ended up at the nurses station addressed to me. This of course would normally be no cause for alarm, except only the name and hospital was correct, the card was addressed to the wrong nursing department and unfortunately had the wrong acronym listed behind my name.

Needless to say I was totally embarrassed by the entire incident and my co-workers never let me live it down.

I realize that being vague or unclear is a necessity in general on the Internet, especially on dating sites and social networks. After all being openly honest about your personal specifics can in many cases put you in danger of becoming a victim of identity theft, or something much worse. As well as many Internet security professionals recommend that you never put personal information on the Internet such as your workplace, address or even your phone number, since it only takes one open door into your life to let in a thief that knows what their doing.

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