Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well Not That Bad Of A Day After all!

Taking One Day At A Time - Today I Spent pretty much the entire day doing paperwork, not really too much but enough to keep me from getting bored. I didn't get a chance to do an article however I'm not pressed to finish one right now anyway. I did get a chance to talk with someone who is interested in my articles and might be wanting to get started on Associated Content which makes me feel good since I think pretty much everyone should be doing this as a side line income. No matter how much anyone makes at their jobs, I think everyone could not only use a few extra dollars but the satisfaction and uplift you get from writing freelance is astronomical. It definitely makes me feel good to share my knowledge with people and have someone interested in what I have to say. Associated is great for people that are opinionated too, not to mention it keeps your mind active and functioning properly. However don't ask my family that about me because they are liable to say, yes kim is knowledgeable however she is also full of herself. Ha Ha, okay like now that I said it, maybe they won't chime in.

I get so many positive responses on the blog and my articles it is hard to not be extremely proud, along with striving to do more and more.

Talk to you guys later. Gotta close up and go home. Bye for now.

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